Regenerative Travel

At F-Zeen Boutique Hotel Zanzibar, we are dedicated to embracing sustainability and regenerative travel, not only preserving the natural beauty of our island haven but also including and supporting the local community. Our commitment to regenerative practices drives our efforts in promoting responsible tourism while maintaining the highest level of comfort and luxury for our guests. 

Sustainable Sourcing

We support local farmers and producers by sourcing organic and locally grown, only organic ingredients for our restaurant, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the local economy. Fresh fish is served daily, sourced directly from village fishers, along with local produce from local farms, ensuring the lowest transport emissions possible. This way, our staff is able to offer you an authentic Zanzibar culinary experience without compromising on quality.  

Community Engagement

As responsible members of Zanzibar’s community, we actively engage with and support local initiatives, including educational programs, cultural preservation and environmental conservation efforts. F-Zeen Boutique Hotel Zanzibar consistently hires locals, embracing island employment as a key component of not only contributing to the island economy but also fostering cultural exchange with our guests. We are also in close collaboration with CR Hope Foundation, aiming to educate children and provide a better future for Zanzibar youth. Furthermore, we are working on an exchange program with Greek schools to promote diversity and inclusivity among different cultures. 

Waste Management & Recycling

Our hotel is committed to reducing waste generation by implementing recycling programs and promoting the use of reusable items. We support reducing, reusing and recycling, wherever possible, following an eco-friendly way of living. Through these efforts, we strive to maintain a cleaner and greener environment for our guests, staff and the local community in Zanzibar.