Snorkeling at Mnemba island reef

For enthusiasts of vibrant reefs and aquatic escapades, a visit to Mnemba Island is essential. 

Ranked as the top beach destination in Africa, this terrestrial paradise is just a brief trip away from F-Zeen Boutique Hotel Zanzibar, offering an extraordinary experience for every guest. 

Marvel at the vivid tropical reef fish, swim in the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean, sample exotic local fruits, and embark on exceptional snorkeling excursions to encounter diverse marine life, such as angelfish, sea turtles, black snappers, groupers, frogfish, and, of course, dolphins. 

A day tour to Mnemba Island promises to be one of the most incredible experiences during your stay in Zanzibar! 

The tour to Mnemba Atoll is a half-day excursion and includes private transportation, along with onboard water and fruits. 

For more information, please contact our reception office.